7 tips to make life easier when wanting to eat a healthy, nutritional diet.

Trying to eat healthy when you have been working all day and you are too tired to cook from scratch can result in “having something easy” which more than often means convenience food. Cooking fresh food is important because it is more nutritious and can be better for our health. I know how it feels to try and eat healthy but when you have spent hours commuting to and from work plus working hard all day. You are hungry and just want to shower, get changed and sit down and eat then it can be very tempting to order a takeaway or throw a ready meal in the microwave. Don’t get me wrong it is ok to do that sometimes but you need to make sure that the majority of your meals are healthy and nutritious.

Here are my own personal tips to making life easier in the long run and so you are eating from fresh.

  1. Get some food containers or save takeaway containers. The first step to being organised with your food is to make sure you have enough containers to store the food in either the fridge or freezer so when you have had a long day at work and you are tired and just want to eat you can grab a healthy prepared meal from the fridge and heat it up in a few minutes. I have a mixture of bought food containers and plastic takeaway containers that i have washed and stored ready to prep my meals. You can buy the containers from most homeware shops and supermarkets.
  2. Use freezer food bags. I like to purchase fresh vegetables as much as possible but i do find that sometimes i will get to the end of the week and i haven’t used all of the veg and then it sometimes needs to be thrown away. So what i do now is make time usually on a sunday morning to wash, peel and chop all of the veg and bag it up in portions in freezer bags and store in the fridge and freezer, This way nothing goes to waste because it can be frozen and it saves me time chopping veg so i can just open a bag and throw into the pan.
  3. Use herbs and spices. Food can become very boring and unappetising if there is no flavour to it so i always make sure that i stock up on lots of herbs and spices to add flavour to all of my food and you can find that you can recreate the food you enjoy from the restaurant at a fraction of the cost. I purchased a pack of miniature glass jars from amazon and filled them up with spices and herbs i had bought. They came with labels and i displayed them on a shelf. Which means they are easy to get to and look nice also. Lots of herbs and spices apparently have lots of benefits for your body so not only are you spicing up your food but you are also improving your health too. Look at adding a new herb or spice into your weekly shop each week

4. Keep staple food in the cupboards to make easy, healthy nutritional meals even when you are running low on other food items. The staple foods i always stock up on are: coconut milk & tinned tomatoes– you can make a great curry or a base for many sauces with these two staples. Cumin – great for curries, stews etc and has a nutty aromatic flavour and apparently has some great health benefits too. Chilli whether that is fresh or dried. Garlic, ginger and olive oil.

Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

5. Batch cook. I know this might seem like you are defeating the object of not cooking for hours. But in order to have fresh healthy meals there is initially some planning and time involved. But if you try and bulk cook meals when you have the time, energy and motivation ( i like to do this on a sunday morning) then it saves you time in the week when you might not have the time or energy. Also i always make sure that i cook enough for each meal that i can have my evening meal and enough to take to work the following day for my lunch. This also saves wasting money on food in the canteen and being tempted to eat junk food. This can stored in the fridge for a few days or put into freezer.

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

6. Follow recipes. Sometimes we run out of ideas of what to cook or we get bored of our tried recipes so it’s great to have a selection of cookbooks that you can refer to if you fancy something different. If you don’t have recipe books then google ideas from your favourite chefs online. I like to use lots of joe wicks or jamie oliver recipes because they are quick, easy to do and tasty with lots of nutritional benefits

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

7. Plan your meals for the week. I do this particularly when i am trying to be strict with my gym training so i know that i am getting enough carbs or protein dependant on my gym habits. It also helps because i can then create my shopping list with what ingredients i need which means i don’t waste money on what i don’t need for that week and i’m not going to get home, start cooking and realise i don’t have all the necessary ingredients.

What are your tips for saving time when producing healthy meals?

11Tips for learning a new language as an adult.

Hola! Since i was about 14 years old i have always wanted to learn spanish. At school i didn’t have a choice with what language i learnt and i learned french which i didn’t particularly enjoy probably because i was quite quiet at school and the thought of trying to speak another language in front of a class full of my peers and make mistakes filled me with dread.

Reaching the age of 40 makes a lot of people take a look at their life and start to make changes or embrace change and do things that they would really like to do rather than have to do. My change was that i was going to learn spanish. I decided i would rather have one to one lessons than go to a class because again it felt quite daunting as a newbie to language.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I have been learning spanish for about 18 months now and have learnt so much along the way so here are my tips as to what you need to remember when learning a new language.

  1. Make yourself some flashcards and test yourself on what words or sentences translate to. Even just writing everything down can help for you to learn better. I have them in my handbag and when i have a few minutes i pull them out and test myself. I have developed lots now on various subjects in spanish. Just grab yourself some plain card from the supermarket.

2. Download a spanish practice app. There are lots of apps online that you can practice your spanish that will allow you to speak into the microphone to check you are pronouncing the words correctly or complete quizzes and will test on knowledge and writing in spanish or any language that you wish to learn. Just be aware that some words used on these apps cross over between spanish from spain and spanish from say mexico or cuba. If you are learning spanish for spain then please be aware that some words on these apps will not be appropriate or will be incorrect. The few that i have come across are carro instead of coche for car and computadora instead of ordenador for computer.

3. Remember to practice something everyday. Talk out loud to yourself at home, practice on your app, listen to spanish podcasts or read spanish story books. Remember when learning a new language its all about practice practice practice.

Photo by Marta Baena Simino on Unsplash

4. When on holiday in a country of the language you are learning buy a magazine that’s in that language to take home to read. Download the apps. Listen to the podcasts in the car. Change your phone language to whatever language you are learning- i even do this on the treadmill in the gym. Create a list of words in your chosen language of everything you have in your fridge and have it on the side of the fridge and whilst you are cooking use those words when describing what you need to add to your meal. Read the basic kids books in your chosen language-this is a great way to learn the basics.

5. Remember to pronounce the letters as you did when you were learning english as a child particularly when learning spanish so A- as in apple instead of aye so like you are sounding out the words it really helps with pronunciation. You will notice the faces you will pull to pronounce the words correctly .

6. Watch documentaries or films that are in the language you are learning but with english subtitles and try to guess what they are saying before the subtitles come up. It will surprise you over time how much you have actually learnt.

7. Don’t get frustrated if you feel like you hit a brick wall at some point. We all do. I started off by flying through spanish until i had to learn the verbs and how to change them for different settings and people and then i felt nothing was going in. I slowed up on practising and had a few days where i left it alone and then went back to it. You have to find your way of learning because we all don’t learn the same. I like to read stories and write things down even though i already have them on paper but this is what works for me.

8. Email your teacher in between lessons if you need any help they are always happy to help because it shows that you are committed to learning and it also boosts your confidence if you are on the right track.

9. Practice your language when you go on holiday to a country speaking that language. There is nothing better than practising it for real day in day out. The locals will respect you for making the effort also and your confidence will grow by the day. It is daunting at first but once you take that first step it becomes easier.

10. Have realistic targets. Making targets too difficult means that if you do not achieve them you can feel disheartened. Just have small achievable targets and take baby steps. Each time you achieve a step you can cross it off and your confidence will grow.

11. Enjoy yourself. You will make lots of mistakes but don’t worry as long as you can laugh about it and learn from it that is the main thing. Sometimes we need to make mistakes to learn. You will find if you relax, go with the flo and enjoy what you are learning it will be more enjoyable and less of as chore. You will never learn anything if you think it is a chore. Remember why you are learning this language and what your goals are.

Adios, Hasta Pronto!

6 ways to deal with negative situations

In life it doesn’t matter how supportive your family and friends are throughout your life. From young, you will always have people judging you, (usually out of jealous), hoping that you will trip up and fall flat on your face at some point.

Its usually because they see what you are doing/ how your life is going and it makes them question their own life, which instead of motivating and inspiring them to achieve more it can make them jealous and judgemental.

I have always used this kind of negativity that has been directed towards me and used it to spur me on to reach for the stars and to prove them all wrong. If you turn a negative into a positive it can be so empowering. We have so many opportunities out there and the world is literally our oyster so why settle for anything less than the best.

Any situation that you find yourself in during your journey in life try to remain positive and instead of fighting with others, use it to fuel your motivation and inspiration to reach your goals. Allowing situations and people to drain our positive attitude and minds is going to cause ourselves unnecessary stress that could be avoided.

Stress is the biggest killer and slowly destroys all areas of our body and mind. Why allow situations and people to pull us down to that point and put our physical and mental health at risk. Sometimes, i understand that we can’t avoid stress when traumatic or difficult episodes happen within our lives which we have no control over, but managing the stress effectively and understanding the signs your body is telling you and finding ways to combat or ease it is important.

Stress is something that can’t be avoided, even in everyday mundane tasks/ activities. It has taken me 40 years of my life to recognise stress and how to manage it. I tend to follow a number of ways that help to ease this.

  • Think of your children, your family/ loved ones, your friends and take a deep breath. We want to be healthy to make memories and enjoy life with them. So we need to look after our physical and mental health in order to be able to do this for many more years to come.

  • Join a yoga class and embrace mindfulness into your life. Learn to have time for yourself, take yourself away from the situation if only for an hr and clear your mind. Feeling relaxed physically and mentally helps us to approach difficult situations easier.

  • Eat well and exercise regularly. I’m not saying never have that cake or that glass of wine but have everything in moderation. They say we are what we eat. Eating healthy food and exercising regularly increases your blood circulation and lymphatic circulation which helps us to detox and flush all the nasty toxins from our bodies. It will improve the colour and condition of our skin which will slow down the ageing process and make us feel good about ourselves. It aids mobility in our joints and will make us feel fitter, less tired, more energetic and younger in ourselves which means we will be more capable of living life to the fullest and creating those memories. Go for a walk, join a gym, go for a swim, try a new healthy recipe.
Photo by Mariana Medvedeva on Unsplash
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. We are only human and we can only do so much we aren’t machines! Don’t allow people to put too much pressure on you to complete impossible tasks within impossible timelines. Organise yourself, prioritise tasks and do your best but don’t burn yourself out. What will really happen if you don’t complete that task at the bottom of your list by 5pm? You just need to keep reminding yourself that you are protecting your health and you wont be no good to anyone if u allow stress to consume you and you become ill because of it.
Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity. Surround yourself with positive, inspirational friends who are achieving in life and have the attitude that the glass is always half full rather than half empty. It really will make a difference to your life.
Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska on Unsplash
  • Breathe. When situations arise, take yourself away from it for a minute, take a deep breath and try to learn to calm yourself down. You will find that you are able to deal with things more calmly when you step away for a minute. Remember to practice that breathing and mindfulness you learn from yoga.
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Favourite Adapted healthy Breakfast smoothie.

As I get older I have noticed that I have to watch what I eat even more so. So on my no gym rest days I like to replace my breakfast with a delicious smoothie. I always follow joe wicks fantastic recipes but now I’m following a plant based diet I swap a few things in each recipe. Take a look at this simple and quick to make recipe that will keep you full til lunchtime. I use it as breakfast or as a snack. Full of good fats. Great as part of a high fat low carb diet. I just replace the Greek yoghurt with a plant based yoghurt and honey with syrup.

My anti bucket list

In life even from a young age we have what you would call a bucket list though some won’t
call it that……….dreams, hopes whatever.
Something that we want to do or try so we don’t live with regrets of what could of been
It could be things like swimming with dolphins, pole dancing, learning a new language or
even climbing to the top of mount everest whatever floats your boat really.
But what we also naturally have is our anti bucket list. We could be watching a programme
and say “ OMG i would never want to do that” The things we would never do even if we were
paid all the money in the world ( i would rather fore go the billions than do some of the
things on my bucket list- trust me i’m a wimp at times ! Jump at my own shadow but ironically
LOVE HORRORS and teach Blood and Gore makeup and special effects- crazy i know lol.
My list is endless trust me and the older i get the bigger the list will get……….but here are a

Swim with sharks- OMG i couldn’t imagine anything so petrifying as climbing into a cage
underwater with sharks peering into me like im their last meal. Apart from the fact that the
idea of climbing into a wet suit and into a cage which is underwater would trigger off
claustrophobia, to then have jaws banging himself against the cage trying to eat me would
be my idea of hell. To say i am a wimp is an understatement when it comes to large fish or
any fish as a matter of fact- my children who are now adults have never visited the sealife
centre with me because i couldn’t bare to be surrounded by fish lol that and walking through
the tunnel surrounded by water and fish- no way sorry lol! I can be swimming in the sea but
as soon as i notice the tiny, pretty fishes swimming around me you would think i was being
attacked. So hell no this is something i would never do thank you very much.

Sit on the edge of a cliff- Apart from the fact that i have a fear of heights- yes i know i hear
you ask “ how many fears has this girl got”? Lots trust me and if i had all night i would tell
you about them all but i’m sure you would think im pretty strange after all that. I’m a wimp
and proud. Why would anyone on this planet think it’s sensible to sit on the edge of a cliff
and look down to your death, definitely not me anyway! I couldn’t even walk to the edge to
attempt to sit down and what about if a huge wind was to blow me over the edge ( maybe
not, i’m not that light lol). I only have to watch someone on TV doing it and my legs are
literally wobbling like jelly and that isn’t because i need to tone up that is because i am
petrified. My heart starts racing, my legs go to pot and im literally wringing my hands
together feeling the most uncomfortable. I would so be NO good in the circus on a tightrope
lol. Again whether i have been out with my children or my partner i scream like the house is
on fire if they so much as walk near the edge of anywhere and they are 3 grown men with
children of their own. So you won’t see me doing that in this life or any life…….. I’ll leave that to the adrenalin junkies and risk takers.

Give up travelling- Again a bit of a funny anti bucket list but it does count as something i
could never do unless age or illness stopped me from travelling. There are so many beautiful
places to visit, so many cultures to immerse yourself in and so much much history to learn
from. Whether you are home or abroad, up a mountain or in a vibrant, bustling city, the
smells, the sounds and the sights are just something i would really struggle without. So
many places i have yet to see and so many places to inspire me to live my best life,
appreciate mindfulness and embrace some of the worldly traditions to make my life a more
interesting journey.
What would the world be like without the peace of the mountains and the fresh air away from
the pollution and the western society mod cons.Experiencing the tiny villages where locals
still live a simple life living off their land and being very happy with the simple things in life
keeping traditions alive.
The hustle and bustle of a city where many languages are heard spoken, cultures live side
by side enriching the world we live in. The smells and sights and the colourful life we witness
on a day to day basis.
The calmness of the sea where mindfulness can be experienced at its best. The smell of the
ocean and the sea breeze. The relaxation of the waves lapping against the shore, sand
between your toes and the sea breeze running through your hair. The boats bobbing along
to their unknown destination whilst we wondered who is aboard and where are they going.
The bustle of the fishermen catching their find for the day enjoying the open waters and the
smell of the ocean. Swimming in the sea or sitting on the sand staring out in you own little
world whilst reading your favourite book, becoming lost in the fiction of it all. Why would
anyone want to give that up unless it was taken out of our hands.

Top 3 high street makeup products I truly recommend

Working within the beauty and makeup industry for the past 29 years I have come across and been lucky enough to be trained in some fabulous high end professional ranges of products. But as I am getting older my priorities are starting to change and as much as I still love to look nice and make the effort I’ve realised that I would rather spend my money on making memories with my loved ones.

So after weighing up expensive clothes and high end products or trips out, sanctuary spaces and holidays I chose the latter.

Don’t get me wrong I still love getting my nails done, my lashes topped up and my tan applied and I’m still very much passionate about the wonderful luxury skincare brands I have come to know and love but I still stay true to my roots and support the high street brands too.

Now being older I remember the body shop as a teenager ( only seems like yesterday- I may be over 40 but still feel like I’m 18 until i look in the mirror and realise I’m not).

There is a massive shift happening within the beauty industry and high street brands are competing with the high end products because young people are spending more and more money on products now- particularly makeup. The basic makeup routine of foundation, powder, lippy, blush and pencil liner is quickly being replaced with contouring, primers, insta-ready brows, dipbrows, cut creases and baking that means high street brands are now stepping up their game to compete with the luxury brands making these makeup looks more affordable for women of all ages to achieve without breaking the bank.


The first product I am loving right now is instablur. It is a fantastic multi use product that can be used under makeup or on its own. I use it as a primer under my foundation and I 💕 love it. It glides onto the skin and leaves your skin with a velvety feel to it. Right in front of my eyes my lines are blurred and give the appearance of reduced lines. (Yes my lines are still there but are hidden and give me an instant boost)

12hrs of shine control

Matt finish

Blurs pores and smoothes the appearance of skin tone

Makeup lasts longer and goes on smoother

❤️Shimmer waves.

Another product which is multi use is body shops shimmer waves palette. It can be used as as a shimmery bronzer or as an eyeshadow using either a dry brush for a hint of colour or a wet brush to intensify the pigment. One palette for a whole makeup look. Love 💖 this product as an all over sunkissed shimmer bringing that holiday glow even when the summer sun is a distant memory.

❤️Smokey 2 in 1 gel liner.

As we get older we start to develop fine lines around our eyes and the skin just underneath our brow bone starts to droop so defining and opening up the eye area is important and can be achieved fairly easily with one fab product called the smokey 2 in 1 gel liner. The firm tapered brush helps to create sharp lines when using as an eye liner or for brow definition. The product glides onto the skin smoothly and doesn’t drag in the lines around the eyes thus creating a sharp defined line that lasts for up to approx 12 hrs.

What are your 3 favourite high street products at the moment?